trains, toys & hobbies - model trains, planes, rockets, cars, railroads and books
trains, toys & hobbies - model trains, planes, rockets, cars, railroads and books
trains, toys & hobbies - model trains, planes, rockets, cars, railroads and books

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Products offered for sale on this website are NOT TOYS and are NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 14.

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Key to abbreviations:
F/P = Factory Painted         C/P = Custom Painted      U/P = Unpainted
NOB = No Original Box    NBX = No Box
J = Japan   K = Korea   C = China
G = Germany   U = USA

Availability:  Unless listed as "out" items on this page are in stock for immediate delivery.

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P1040308.JPG (127481 bytes) HOn3 
Railer / Rerailer

Makes putting your HOn3 Locos and cars on the track Easier and Faster !

    Use to order multiples, only one shipping charge, no additional shipping       
P1040308.JPG (127481 bytes) 2 railers HOn3 
Railer / Rerailer

P1040308.JPG (127481 bytes) 4 railers HOn3 
Railer / Rerailer

P1040308.JPG (127481 bytes) 6 railers HOn3 
Railer / Rerailer

D&RGW Rio Grande 

Set of 4 Modern Streamlined
4 different numbers

Easily accepts Kadee 714 couplers (not included)

What if the Rio Grande modernized in the '70s?

These are Swiss prototype narrow gauge cars factory painted in the Rio Grande streamliner colors.
(The Manitou & Pikes Peak Railway purchased Swiss equipment so why couldn't the Rio Grande !)

Injection molded plastic with interior seats and underbody detail.
Metal wheels gauged to HOn3 (wheels gauged to HOn30/HOe or HOm are also available for $1.00/axle plus exchange)

Cars are individually boxed.

Made in Germany Exclusively for Trains Toys & Hobbies

THI-2 $199.00

IMG_2922.JPG (68840 bytes) D&RGW Rio Grande 

Modern Streamlined

road number subject to availability 

THI-3 $59.99

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smbrass2.jpg (441455 bytes)   The Brass Locomotive display cases and train sets    
cases.jpg (485702 bytes)   The HO Locomotive Case
HO track.JPG (512512 bytes)   HO Track    
sm scenery1.jpg (533457 bytes)   Scenery   sm scenery2.jpg (424255 bytes)
sm rocketry.jpg (522657 bytes)   Model Rocketry   sm rocketry2.jpg (523057 bytes)
plastics.jpg (563470 bytes)   Plastic Models
Diecast Models, Slotcars
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sm tools.jpg (450867 bytes)   Tools, Paints & Glues   tools glues.JPG (518994 bytes)

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sm rolling stock.jpg (543911 bytes)   HO Scale 
Rolling Stock
& Structures
sm magazines.jpg (503504 bytes)   Model Railroad & Railroad 
books.jpg (545188 bytes)   Railroad Book Selection

Collectable and rare book case

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sm used.jpg (511535 bytes)   Used Model Trains

and locomotives

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